Raina, A.K. and Chakraborty, A.K. and Haldar, A. and Ramulu, M. and Choudhury , P.B. and Pal Roy, P. and Jethwa, J.L (2002) Awareness of Blast induced Ground Vibration and air-overpressure in opencast mines in India, to mitigate human annoyance and complaints - A need of the hour. Mining Engineers Journal , 3 (12). pp. 14-21. ISSN 0975-3001

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Human response to blast vibration and air-overpressure is a concern that has received scant and perfunctory attention from blaster(s) and researchers together. While sufficient details are available on the human response and annoyance due to aircraft noise, road traffic or industrial noise, very less attention has been paid to the annoyance due to blasting in mines. Most of the time the annoyance has been referred to as political or social motive on the basis of immediate response to the blasts. Human psychology has been ascribed to as the major cause with the property and safety as a major concern. Physiological and long term effects of the blasting have not been treated on equal basis. Considering the current trends in blasting and increasing awareness, there is sufficient scope at most of the mines to improve the attitude of public towards blasting by creating awareness. Control of blast noise mitigates the general notion to blast and annoyance, provided the blast has been designed for optimum explosive energy usage. Ground vibrations in an optimal blast are minimal while as sound or air overpressure generated may result in human annoyance. The confidence of habitants in and around mine need to be taken into account while blasting. This paper deliberates on the essentials of ground vibration, air overpressure and noise due to blasting with respect to human response. Effort has been made to replenish the existing knowledge base of personnel involved in blasting in mines with regard to the subject.

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