Tiwary, R.K. (2003) Genesis of pyrites in coal and their relation with acid drainage from mine. Journal of the Institution of Engineers (India), 83. pp. 47-54. ISSN 0257-442X

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The acid mine drainage problem could be solved to a certain extent only when occurrence and genesis of pyrite in coal are investigated properly. The relationship between genesis and occurrence of pyrite with acid mien drainage is discussed in this paper. Coal and water samples were collected from four mines and analysed. In coal, thoal sulphur content was analysed. In the sump water, temperature, pH value, conductivity and TDS were determined. The concentrations of sulphate and iron were analysed and values were correlated with total sulphur content in coal. In this work, an attempt is made to establish a relation between total sulphur content in coal with pH value and sulphate concentration of mine water. The genesis of sulphides in coal of Gorbi and Jhingurdah projects of singrauli coalfield is also discussed. The genesis of pyrite (sulphides) in coal suggest that in isolated small basin, there was favourable condition for pyrite mineralization and thereby more sulphur were found in coal deposits in Gorbi and Jhingurdah basins as compared to Amlori and Jayant projects of main basin of deposition. The occurrence of pyrites is mostly in the form of thin layer along cleats and beds occurring parallel to weak planes in coal seam. In some coal samples, laminated and disseminated sulphides are also common and is the main cause of acidity in sump water. There is direct relationship between total sulphur in coal and mine water quality parameters, ie, pH, TDS and suphate etc. the genesis and occurrence of sulphides in coal seam and characteristics of sump water were determined in order to predict the acidity of mine water for development of coal project management plan of acid mine water at early stages.

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