Sheorey, P. R. and Prasad, R.K. and Mukherjee, K.P. and Barat, D. and Das, M.N. (1994) A successful trial of the yield pillar technique in Jambad seam at porascole east colliery. Journal of Mining Research , 2 (3&4). pp. 47-50. ISSN 0971-1899

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The yield pillar technique was originally proposed for better recovery from deep room and pillar workings and for extraction under hard covers for preventing air blasts. The paper describes the first successful application of this method in India at Porascole East colliery. Jambad seam 12.7 m thick has hard incavable roof rocks. Depillaring was done leaving isolated pillars in the goaf in two sections contiguously. Using a finite difference computer model the safety factor of these pillars was kept below 1.0, at the same time ensuring that the roof would not cave imminenty or disastrously. Deformation in a goaf pillar was monitered using LVDT extensometers. Depillaring could be successfully completed and this is being adopted as a general method at this mine under hard strata.

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Subjects: Bord and Pillar Mining
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