Ghosh, A.K. and Rao, D.G. and Sinha, A. and Dhar, B.B. (1993) Feasibility of Horizontal Cut-&-fill Stoping above an Inclined shaft at great depth- A 2D BEM Analysis. Journal of Mining Research , 2 (1). pp. 27-40. ISSN 0971-1899

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North Development shaft is located along 480 mN departure in Mosaboni mine. ICC, HCL, between 20th and 30th Levels at depth ranging from 675 to 1050 m. It is 2.5 X 5.0 m in cross-section, inclined at 25° i.e. almost parallel to the orebody, and located in the footwall of the lode at least 26 m away from the orebody-footwall contact. The practice of mining above an inclined shaft, though not very rare in shallow mines in India, especially by cut-&-fill stoping, but, such attempt was not made at this great depth. Prime factor governing the feasibility of mining above an inclined shaft is obviously the postmining stability of the shaft pillar and thus that of the shaft. A 2D BEM study was conducted to assess the feasibility of horizontal cut-&-fill mining of the rich ore between 26th and 27th Levels above the North Development Shaft from the standpoint of the shaft pillar stability. The revealed that, in general, the pillar and thus the shaft would not be destabilized due to the proposed mining. The findings helped the engineers of the mine in successful recovery of around 15,000 tonnes of rich copper ore locked up in this part of the shaft pillar.

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