Prasad, Mohan and Dhar, B.B. (1993) Stability Simulation of Caprock for Mining with Sublevel Open Stoping : A Hypothetical case. Journal of Mining Research , 2 (1). pp. 9-16. ISSN 0971-1899

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The failure in caprock, containing some old workings of two parallel open stopes with complete collapse of parting between them has been numerically simulated using a non-linear Mohr-Coulomb material model with tension cut-off. There are some old workings in the caprock region. The stiffness of rockmass in the caprock region has been reduced by 70 percent in order to simulate the unknown extent of old workings and the effect of oxidation and weathering of near surface rock. In numerical simulation it has been observed that with complete collapse of parting between two stopes, considerable tensile stresses would develop in caprock. This would cause the failure of the caprock, and a considerable region of the stope back would ultimaterly cave into the open stopes. The zone of failure in hangingwall side will be upto 150 m from the sope boundary. The ground in the footwall side is relatively stable.

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Subjects: Slope Stability
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