Srivastava, S.C. and Bandopadhyay, L.K. and Gupta, M.L. and Sinha, S.K. (1995) On-Line Ventilation Network Analysis and Graphic Representation of Ventilation Parameters - Part 1, Planned, Designed and Current Air Quantities. Mining Technology , 77 (891). pp. 349-351. ISSN 0026-5276

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A computer programme has been described for on-line collection of ventilation data and its graphical representation. This includes display of originally planned ventilation parameters against their current values. The display also reflects changes in ventilation status. The programme has two distinct portions, one for data collection and display and the other is for an interactive session. The ventilation officer can use this interactive session to determine changes in the ventilation circuit necessary to bring the mine ventilation to a desired value. Once such changes are physically effected, the display will indicate if the changes have brought about desired effect on ventilation. The programme is being suitably modified so that changes necessary in ventilation circuit be automatically listed out. The changes in the ventilation circuit listed out may have those elements which cannot be automatically controlled. However, some degree of automation is indicated in the paper.

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