Das, T.K. and Singh, T.N. (1995) Hydraulic Mining at Gopalichak Colliery of Jharia Coalfield. Journal of Mines, Metals & Fuels, 43 (1&2). pp. 7-16. ISSN 0022-2755

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The pillar mining in India remained identical to age ole practice with replacement of coal cutting machine by explosive and delay detonators. Hydraulic mining was selected as an alternative to facilitate liquidation of pillars developed in flat (less than 7°) seam of Gopalichak colliery. This paper deals with the result of the trial and possible application of this technique to Indian coalfields. The compressive strength of X seam coal was over 270 kg/cm2 where 80 bar hydraulic monitor was used in three different phases of the trial. In the first phase of trial, the pillar was split in two stooks to be recovered on retreat with monitor on either side of the stooks. The monitor failed to cut coal even up to 3 m distance and flushing of blasted coal was not possible beyond 5-6 m. Theroof convergence was up to 5mm, load on support 10 tons and recovery up to 40%. In the second phase the pillars were split in three stooks of less than 5 m thickness. The proposal was to blast the coal and flush out loosened coal by the monitor. The sttoks at this stage were, however, crushed and started yielding. Maximum convergence up to 102 mm and load on hydraulic props set in different split galleries reached up to 80 tons during this trial. The level of recovery remained below 20% due to stress concentration over the stooks. In the third phase, the panel was developed in virgin patch by forming four rectangular pillars. In this experiment, the maximum convergence was within 12 mm and load on supports was within 14 tons whereas level of recovery improved to 65%

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