Chakraborty, A.K. and Jethwa, J.L (1995) Air-Deck Blasting - A Feasibility Study. Indian Mining & Engineering Journal , 34 (11). pp. 11-17. ISSN 0019-5944

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A feasibility study on the use of air-deck blasting was conducted in the footwall (F/W) and hangwall (H/W) sides of the overburden benches at Dongri Buzurg Mine of Manganese ore (India) Ltd. Bieniawski’s (1973) RMR ratings of the rock mass of each bladt site was determined. Blast performance like fragmentation, powder factor, throw, overbreak, underbreak and ground vibration were monitored both with and without air-deck. Relations between the average fragment size and specific surface area with powder factor RMR were determined on the basis of trial blast results. Analysis of the blast results indicated a 13 percent savings in explosive consumption, 14-30 percent improvement in loading efficiency, reduction in ground vibration by 40 percent, in oberbreak by 50 percent and in throw by 45-50 percent in air-deck blasting compared to those in conventional blasting. On the basis of trial blast results, specific blast patterns with air-decking were recommended in different sets of rock mass units with RMR ranging from 25-35, 35-50 and 50-65.

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