Murthy, V.M.S.R. and Jethwa, J.L (1997) Improving roadheader performance in Indian coal mines - a system development approach and field investigations. Journal of Mines, Metals & Fuels, 45 (3). pp. 66-80. ISSN 0022-2755

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A systematic analysis of the operational and design requirements of mechanized roadway development system (RDS) employing roadheaders is presented in this paper. The operational and design relationships developed for mechanized roadway development system (MRDS) provide analytical, numerical and empirical tools for improved planning and performance. The mathematical expressions for roadway development rate (RDR), operating time of a roadheader, waiting time of conveyor extensions and roof bolting time were derived. The expressions derived for RDR are for two sets of conditions: (i) under equipment failure conditions (ii) under roof failure conditions. The objective of this paper is to present a strategy for enhancing the roadway development rate (RDR) employing roadheaders and its validation through Indian case studies. The RDR should match the production rate of roadheader with belt conveyor and roof bolting advance after a careful analysis of the delays encountered in these subsystems. The improved design methodology in a nutshell includes delineation of critical variables and their influence on RDR and development of a deterministic cum stochastic model to finally choose a right roadheader system configuration.

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