Raina, A.K. and Haldar, A. and Chakraborty, A.K. and Choudhury , P.B. and Ramulu, M. and Bandopadhyay, C. (2004) Human response to blast-induced vibration and air-overpressure: an Indian scenario. Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment, 63 (3). pp. 209-214. ISSN 1435-9529

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Abstract Ground vibration (Vmax) and air-overpressure/ noise (p) are some of the negative effects of blasting. The associated human annoyance and complaints are expected to show an increasing trend in the future as there is no economically viable alternative to blasting in mines in India. A study of the human response to blasting in four mining localities across India has shown that the response is not simply political, as frequently assumed. It has been found that irrespective of those questioned, a basic concern for the safety of property was the main response. There was a greater response from the middle-aged and middle-educated while fewer women than men responded. Assuming that a 100% negative response from the inhabitants will translate into complaints, a methodology is suggested to take account of the human response criteria when considering blasting within 400 m of habitations. Re´sume´ Les vibrations sismiques (Vmax) et les ondes ae´riennes de surpression (p) font partie des effets ne´gatifs de l’abattage a` l’explosif. A l’avenir on doit s’attendre a` l’expression d’un me´contentement croissant des populations dans la mesure ou` il n’existe gue`re de me´thodes alternatives a` l’abattage a` l’explosif dans les mines indiennes. Une e´tude des re´actions humaines aux ope´rations d’abattage a` l’explosif, dans quatre localite´s minie`res de l’Inde, a montre´ que ces re´actions ne sont pas simplement politiques comme cela est souvent affirme ´. Il a e´te´ montre´ que quelque soient les personnes interroge´es, des pre´occupations essentielles concernaient la se´curite´ des biens. Les plus fortes re´actions provenaient des classes d’aˆge interme´diaires et des populations de niveau d’e´ducation moyen. Conside´rant que ces re´actions ne´gatives se traduiraient par des plaintes des habitants, une me´thodologie a e´te´ propose´e, prenant en compte ces re´actions ne´gatives dans un rayon de 400 m autour de la zone de travaux d’abattage a` l’explosif.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Mining Blasting Human responsem Vibration Air-overpressure
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