Prasad, Bably (1997) Removal of Ammonia from coke-plant Wastewater by using synthetic Zeolite. Water Environment Research , 69 (2). pp. 57-61. ISSN 1061-4303

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Ammonia is discharged at significant concentrations in coke-plant effluents and can adversely impact freshwater-receiving streams. This article reports on the removal of ammonia from such wastewaters by using synthetic zeolites. Factors affecting the ammonium exchange capacity included the contact time, the concentration of ammonia in the solution, the particle size of the zeolites, the loading flow rates, and the number of regenerations of zeolite, the 13x molecular sieve has also been tested for its capacity to remove ammonia from coke-plant secondary wastewater. Results indicate that the ammonium adsorption rate increases with an increase in the contact time of zeolite with ammonia solution. Smaller particle size of the zeolite, increase in ammonium concentration, and lower loading flow rate elevate ammonium exhange capacity for the zeolite. Column, and repeated column regeneration of the zeolite with NaCl solution reactivates the zeolite column, and repeated column regeneration is possible without loss of ammonium uptake capacity.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Adsorption, ammonia, coke plant, treatment, zeolite
Subjects: Envieronmental Management Group
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