Singh, J.K. and Singh, T.N. (1998) Cuttability assessment of coal seams - determination of pick forces encountered in cutting hard indian coals. Journal of Mines, Metals & Fuels, 46 (6&7). pp. 228-235. ISSN 0022-2755

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Drag bit cutting tests ware conducted primarily to determine bit forces encountered in Indian coal types (having a wide range of compressive strength and hardness), with a view to enabling the design engineers to estimate the performance of a coaling machine in a suite of coal seams. Tests were carried out on an electro-hydraulic coal plough rig designed and developed at the Central Mining Research Institute, Dhanbad. The electro-hydraulic rig of 350 kg/cm2 working pressure has provision for farce assessment on picks in x, y, & z axes. The maximum cutting force applied by the hydraulic system of the rig is 50 tonnes with an accuracy of 0.01 tonnes. The x, y, z co-ordinates of the pick can be recorded accurately to 0.1 mm. This rig can make 60 cm long cuts at various depths of cut. Bits of different geometries were tested on 12 coal types ranging in compressive strength from 150 kg/ cm2 to 550 kg/ cm2. Cutting tests were made at depths up to 9 mm and at speeds up to 30.8 cm/sec. The observations included the cutting and normal forces, groove depth, groove width and weight of coal broken. The effect of varying the depth of cut was determined and specific energies (SE) calculated. Additionally, the bit wear was also recorded. For the coal tested relationships were established between cutting force and depth of cut, and percentage of coal fines as a function of the depth of cut. Finally, relationships were established between S.E. (which is an indicator of cuttability) and the Protodyakonov strength Index values and Rebound Hammer Number of the coal tested.

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Subjects: Slope Stability
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