Singh, R. P. and Ray , S.K. and Singh, Arvind Kumar and Varma, N. K. and Sahay, N. (2005) Studies on Spontaneous Heating Behaviour of Coal. Journal of Mines, Metals & Fuels. pp. 105-110. ISSN 0022-2755

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Spontaneous heating of Coal may endanger the safe operation of underground and opencast coal mines. In India, statistical data indicates that about 70 per cent of mine fires heating are caused due to spontaneous heating. To deal with spontaneous heating problems in mines. Sufficient knowledge about the oxidation characteristics of coal on laboratory scale is essential Based on the above fact, present study has been carried out in the laboratory using coal samples of four different Indian coal seams. 40 gram coal sample of .40 mesh size was heated in a reaction vessel at a constant airflow rate of 90 cc/min under the temperature range from 40 to 300°C. Gas samples were collected form reaction vessel and were analysed in a microprocessor based gas chromatograph. The analysis results indicate that the emission of CO started from 40°C in all the coal samples and concentration of CO increases with increase in temperature and the O2 concentration follow the opposite trend. Emission of hydrocarbons started only after a temperature of 120°C. Emission of CI-C4 hydrocarbons may be utilized to assess the status of fire in the sealed panels. The study also revealed that CO is the best indicator for early detection of spontaneous heating of Indian coals.

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