Nabiullah,, M. and Pingua, B.M.P and jagdish, Dr. and Ahmed, Z and Singh, T.N. (1999) Studies on viscosity and density of emulsion matrix. Indian Mining & Engineering Journal , 38 (6). pp. 28-30. ISSN 0019-5944

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Emulsion matrix is extensively used for preparation of bulk emulsion explosives. These matrixes are non-explosives in behavior and have no detonation characteristic. Therefore, these are suitable to transport to mine site. Matrixes are highly water-resistant. Therefore, it is suitable for firing watery hole. After gassing or adding other sensitizers these are sensitive to explode with suitable booster. Viscosity of emulsion matrix is an important gross property both in theoretical and practical purpose for loading, mixing, doping and shelf life, etc. Generally viscosity gives information about the reheology of emulsion. Viscosity and density of super saturated oxidizer solution; fuel, premix and emulsion matrix was measured at ambient and elevated temperature. The viscosity of emulsion varies in between 35000 and 68000 cp. at ambient temperature. However, at elevated temperature its viscosity was in between 40000 and 46750 cp. The density of matrix was in between 1.30 and 1.40 g/cm3. After gassing emulsion matrix was detonated with detonation velocity above 4000 m/s in unconfined condition.

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Subjects: Explosive Research
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