Ray , S.K. and Singh, R. P. and Ghosh, A.K. (2008) Water mist - an emerging fire suppression system to control coal mine fire. Journal of Mines, Metals & Fuels, 56 (7&8). pp. 129-134. ISSN 0022-2755

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Water mist’ refers to fine water sprays in which 99% of the volume of the spray is in droplets with diameter less than 1000 μm. The paper deals with the use of ‘water mist’ as fire suppressant in coal mines. Water mist could have better suppressant in comparison with other existing fire suppressant like Halon 1211, halon 1301 as the latter have environmentally unsuitable, being ozone depletion properties. Water mist considerably reduces heat and subsequently temperature of fire as well as radiation attenuation, which resists the spreading of fire to virgin fuel. Higher latent heat of evaporation and specific heat of water mist make it better than other suppressant. Large scale model based study done by Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research (CIMFR), Dhanbad on water mist establishes its suitability to suppress coal mine fires. Water mist infusion has been proved to be safe and very effective technique for not only controlling open fire in underground mines but also reducing toxic gases, minimizing rollback and improving visibility in the fire affected areas. However further research should be carried out to determine the optimum water droplet size, air velocity, water droplet velocity according to fire size and category on field based study.

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Subjects: Mines Systems Engineering
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