Sahay, N. (2008) A liability index for proneness of coal towards spontaneous heating based on critical temperature. Journal of Mines, Metals & Fuels, 56 (7&8). pp. 115-121. ISSN 0022-2755

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The problem of spontaneous heating has been experienced by all coal producing countries. To address the problem realistic characterization of coal towards spontaneous heating is essentially required for taking corrective measures. It calls for a reliable liability index for characterization of coal towards spontaneous heating of coal seam in narrow spectrum. Though considerable work has been done worldwide by the various researchers to establish liability index but non of the methods/indexes are universally accepted due to their limitations. The reason may be due to inability in measurement of latent heat of vaporization of moisture content in early stage of thermal study. Though most of the coal characterization are based on comparing spontaneous heating susceptibility from thermal studies either by measuring the lowest temperature at which exothermic reaction become self propellant under the particular set of experimental condition, or from measurement of relative heat production during oxidation which is difficult to measure. In realty, only a part exothermic heat produced by oxidation is measured and the other part is absorbed as latent heat. Authors have developed a methodology based on thermo-decompositional study of coal sample for determination of minimum temperature at which coal bed temperature starts self propellant known as critical temperature and a new liability index based on it. The paper presents brief description of different liability index particularly based on thermal study, a critical analysis of dependency of critical temperature on moisture content ash content, volatile matter, carbon content, surface area and porosity, new liability index based on thermo-decompositional study of coal sample and correlation with liability index model based on coal proximate analysis results of coal sample including surface area and porosity.

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