Trivedi, Ratnesh and Sangode, A. G. and Loveson, V.J. and Singh, V.K. and Sinha, A. (2008) A Review on Mining of Coastal Placer Minerals. Indian Mining & Engineering Journal , 47 (4). pp. 18-25. ISSN 0019-5944

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India is bestowed with a long cosat of more of less 7500 km. This long coastal tract has a vast resource of placer minerals such as ilmenite, rutile, leucoxine, monazite, zircon, etc. But this large reserve base does not make India a global player in the market of placer minerals. The production to Reserve Ratio (PPR) in India is 0.001 while it is 0.030 in USA, 0.010 in Australia, and 0.009 in Canada. In order to make India a global player, the production capacity has to be enhanced this requires supportive government policies, positive mindset of authorities, adequate infrastructure etc. This paper critically reviews the methods of exploration of placer Heavy Minerals lying above water-table as well as below water-table. For the minerals available on shore open cut mining is an often used mining method. Off shore placer Deposits can be exploited using water jet pumps and dredging pumps. The paper identifies the key issues and problems related to grant of mining leases, environmental issues etc. that bottleneck the development of placer Mineral Industry in India. For the capacity building of off-shore mining in India, the off-shore mining laws must be framed keeping in view the feasibility of off-shore placer mining as well as environmental implications thereof. The paper emphasizes the need of a pragmatic approach and coordination of all concerned central and state government agencies for the sustainable development of coastal placer minerals.

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