Singh, Satyendra Kumar and Sinha, A. (2011) Analogue to design and optimize underground mining methods in some Indian coal mines. Journal of Mines, Metals & Fuels, 59 (3&4). pp. 63-67. ISSN 0022-2755

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We all know that only about 20% coal recovery is possible during development and rest should be extracted during depillaring with 70-90% depending on the feasible method of extraction so selected and applied at the site(s). To optimize the overall coal recovery with better ground control and safety during development and depillaring, the author has a prudent approach with case-studies analogues, presented in this paper. The approach is that the method of extraction per se need to be decided, based not only on techno-economic criteria ( as the practice in vogue), but also based on detailed scientific studies right from planning stage. Such studies require evolution of physic-mechanical properties at laboratories, application of established formulae and norms and scheme of numerical modeling exercises with mechanistic understanding of the stability of barrier/left-out pillars and (if any) ribs. This will not only ensure overall better coal recovery from the seam and higher safety and productivity, but also will mitigate the chances of premature collapses, overriding and other geotechnical problems that may otherwise be encountered during depillaring or final extraction. If we know before hand that a virgin coal seam is to be exploited below an important surface properties, a suitable method of partial extraction may then be pro-actively designed based on the author’s approach. Accordingly, we may have the optimum dimension of pillars during development, keeping an eye on the best-possible recovery during depillaring. Keeping above aspects in view, this paper describes the total planning approach (TPA) with some case studies application and validation with achieved positive results. The poor recovery with encountered geotechnical problems in some case studies, where TPA has not been followed, is only an eye-opener and therefore presented here for the benefit of the readers. A synergy among the design engineers and rock –mechanics scientists is thus emphasized in this paper.

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Subjects: Bord and Pillar Mining
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Date Deposited: 18 Nov 2011 11:11
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