Prakash, A.J. (2004) Recent trends in blasting technology-some investigations in Indian miens. Mining Engineers Journal, 6 (1). pp. 16-23.

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This paper presents the results of studies conducted in different open pit coal mines with shock tubes, and air-deck to control ground vibration, air over pressure and improvement in fragmentation. Comparison between the effects of air deck and drill cutting used in deck material are discussed in terms of ground vibration and air over-pressure. Experiments conducted in three different open-pit coal mines are described in the text. Compared to detonating fuse and cord relays, shock tubes generated 30.9 to 41.2 percent less ground vibration with no significant change in frequencies and reduced the air-over pressure by 30-32 percent. Deployment of air decking reduced the ground vibration up to 52 percent. Costs involved in different elements of drilling and blasting are analyzed. Major portion of costs are shared by explosives which varied from 76.82 to 88.35 percent. Compatative study of costs involved in Shovel and Dumper faces and Drag-Line faces, among cord relays, detonating fuse and shock tube initiation system, stemmed decking and air-decking are discussed.

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