Mandal, Prabhat Kumar and Singh, Arun Kumar and Ram, Sahendra and Singh, Amit Kumar and Singh, Rajendra (2004) Depillaring of a thick coal seam using cable bolts under shallow depth cover - a case study. Indian Mining & Engineering Journal , 43 (7). pp. 11-18. ISSN 0019-5944

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Coal resources occurring in thick seams1 in India account for 70 percent of the total workable coal reserves. Evaluation of suitable techniques to extract thick seams has been the main concern of the mining engineers in this country, perhaps, since the coal mining began in India around 200 years ago and more seriously since 1930s. Thick coal seams with a higher concentration of coal reserve, economically a boon, have posed a serious problem of exploitation due to their low level of recovery, difficult strata control, problem of heating and fire, gradient and nature of strata and coal seam. The convenient working height by the conventional method was 3 to 3.5m due to restricted maneuverability in loosening of coal. The resistance of the conventional props/chocks also decreases with height due to high slenderness ratio. The problem is more acute in Raniganj and Jharia Coalfields, where a number of good quality coal seams were developed on pillars leaving a coal band mainly along the roof horizone. A cable bolting based semi-mechanised depillaring method has been developed at Central Mining Research Institute (CMRI) to tackle the problem of thick seam mining. This method was successfully experimented at NCPH mine of M/s South Eastern Coalfields Limited (SECL). Upper Kajora seam of 6.5 to 7.5m thickness developed on pillars in Madhusudanpur 7 pit & Incline colliery of M/s Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL) was selected for further trial of this method. This paper presents the field trial of this method at Madhussudanpur colliery along with the results of strata behaviour study done in a panel under shallow depth of cover.

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Subjects: Thick Seam Mining
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