Jaipal , V.S. and Mohalik, N.K. and Singh, V.K. (2003) Information management - the need of modern mining industry. Journal of Mines, Metals & Fuels, 51 (7&8). pp. 234-237. ISSN 0022-2755

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In the present era of computerisation, the technology vision ranges from real time data access for improving decision-making, to robotic mining. The ultimate vision of technology is the fully automated mine. When communicated to an end-user, the in-real-time information can provide accurate and timely answers to questions of how much, where, when, and by whom about an activity. This capability forms the foundation of a more comprehensive, proactive management and planning facility where, ultimately information acquired from the production equipment will be used to optimize and control machine and human activities. As these technologies mature and become essential tools in a mine, they will eventually serve as the bases for more robotic and autonomous mining operations. The main problem, presently faced by mine management, is that how to acquire the in-real-time data; filter the relevant information from these data; implement an appropriate decision within a desired period to optimize the mine productivity and safety. Application of information technology is needed to perform these tasks. This paper justifies the need of information technology (IT) in mining industry, infrastructure requirement and procedure to develop an information management system. It also highlights some suggestions to maintain and improve the information management system. It is elaborated that how to acquire the information about a system, how to send the information for implementing the decisions to control the operations. It is suggested that a comprehensive model of the system should be developed for real-time optimisation of mining organization and planning and scheduling of operations should be done for short-term development of mining property so that full advantage of IT management can be entertained. Issues related to information, business, vendors and organization are discussed to maintain and improve an efficient IT management.

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