Sethi, Chinmay and Hazra, Bodhisatwa (2022) Source rock properties of Permian shales from Rajmahal Basin, India. Arabian Journal of Geosciences. ISSN 1866-7511

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In the present study, shale samples from Rajmahal Basin, India, were analysed in terms of their source rock properties using an open-system programmed pyrolysis instrument (Rock–Eval 6). Comprehensive analysis of the diferent Rock–Eval graph�ics was conducted for the samples under consideration. Construction of S2 (mg HC/g rock) vs. total organic carbon (wt%) cross-plot using iso-HI (iso-hydrogen index) lines classifed the studied suit of samples into three zones with increasing hydrogen index (Zone A<Zone B<Zone C). Analysis of S2 curves of samples from diferent zones revealed distinctive features attributed to the variable nature of kerogen present within the sample as well as the levels of S2 and HI. S2 curves of sample with higher Tmax were observed to be asymmetric, broad, and marked by lower fame ionization detector signals. However, for those samples, the S4 Tpeak was observed to be similar to that of the other samples. On the other hand, the higher S2 Tmax of some samples coincided with higher S4 Tpeak indicating the samples to be more mature. Additionally, samples with higher levels of oxygen index (OI), and siderite content, were observed to have S3′ curve marked by pronounced release of CO2 above 400 °C, whereas the samples with higher OI but without any presence of siderite were marked by noisy curves due to low IR CO2 signal. The results reiterated the importance of careful monitoring of the diferent curves obtained during the pyrolysis and oxidation stage so that erroneous characterization of the samples could be avoided.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Shale petroleum systems Rock–Eval Thermal maturity Hydrogen index Siderite
Subjects: Rock Testing
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Date Deposited: 26 Aug 2022 08:56
Last Modified: 26 Aug 2022 08:56

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