Mahato , Mukesh Kumar and Singh , Abhay Kumar (2021) Evaluation of factors influencing surface water quality in a coalfield area of Damodar valley, India: a sustainable uses. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY. ISSN 0306-7319

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A systematic study on the major ions and heavy metals was carried out for surface water resources of EB coalfield for water quality assessment, source apportionment and studying the geochemical processes controlling the surface water quality. Seasonal effect was not very prominent for the surface water quality parameters inclusive of metals, though some dilution was observed in some parameters during the monsoon season. Some of the parameters exceeded the drinking water limits like TDS, turbidity, NO3−, F−, total hardness and Mg2+ in surface water. The Fe concentrations exceeded the desirable limit of the BIS standard in about 26% of the water sample. The surface water chemistry of the EB coalfield is influenced by extensive coal mining activities. The principal component analysis of metals and health concerning anions demonstrated that the data were synthesised into three loading factors with Eigen values >1 and explaining about 71.4% of the total variance. The extracted factors seem to indicate geogenic sources, coal mining and associated transportation. The quality assessment of the surface water for irrigation suitability suggested that the calculated parameters (SAR, %Na, RSC and MH) of water to be in the range of good to permissible; however, at a few sites, SAR values and MH make it unsuitable for irrigation. Thus, the study exemplified the need for awareness about the contamination of surface water within EB coalfield area. The findingsof the present study may be useful to decision-makers in developing plans for surface water quality management and sustainable use.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Surface waterhydro-geochemistrymetalsprincipal component analysisquality assessmentEast Bokaro
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