Singh, Rajendra and Mandal, Prabhat Kumar and Singh, Arun Kumar (2004) Partial Underground Extraction of coal at shallow cover. Indian Mining & Engineering Journal , 43 (2-3). pp. 29-44. ISSN 0019-5944

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During optimization of recovery from a coal seam beneath a surface/sub-Surface feature, thickness and quality of inter-burden between working horizon and surface/sub-sub-surface feature are observed to be the most important parameters from ground movement point of view. Both parameters affect percentage of recovery from the coal seam. The application of a concept termed as non-effective width, to control the dimensions of underground excavations for optimal recovery of coal, trapped in pillars below surface/subsurface features, is an established practice in the Indian coal industry. A higher value of non-effective width at a deeper seam provides enough width of the excavation to accommodate row/rows of the developed pillars for final extraction. At shallow cover, when the value of the safe excavation width becomes smaller than the width of a single pillar then even alternate row of pillars cannot be extracted without endangering stability of the surface/sub-surface features. In this case, the situation becomes more difficult as the chance of occurrence of discontinuous subsidence increases. Wide stall mining with and without hydraulic sand stowing/filling has successfully been practiced under such conditions for optimization of coal recovery. Considering ground instability problems of coal mines at shallow covers, this paper reviews and discusses Indian Problems of optimal extraction of coal stuck below surface/sub-surface constraints at shallow covers. Some success stories of wide stall mining for the recovery optimization from a coal seam of shallow mining conditions are also described to visualise the scope of this approach.

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Subjects: Thick Seam Mining
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