Mohanty, D. (2021) Mineralogical studies of Mahanadi Basin coals based on FTIR, XRD, and Microscopy: A Geological Perspective. Jourrnal Geological Society of India, 97. pp. 1019-1027.

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This paper is a attempt to investigate the mineral matter constitutents in Permian coal of Mahanadi basin, India. Twenty two bulk samples from the working mines have been selected for the study. Analytical techniques such as X-Ray diffraction, Fourier transform infracred spectroscopy coupled with coal microscopy have been used in this study for rapid characterization. The chief mineral phases are quartz, kaolinite, orthoclase, muscovite and chlorite in order of increasing abundance in all the samples. Petrographic analysis reveal the mominance of Vitrinte (36.17%) followed by the Inertinite (32.33) , Liptinite (14.30%) groupt of macerals and mineral matter (17.18%) . Mineral matter in the voids and cell lumens is common mode of occurence in the coals which can be attributed to syngenetic and epigenetic types. The proximate analysis suggest the coals have high ash yield (8.37%) to 38.46 on air dried basis) with hgih volatile matter (10.8% to 35.51% on air dried basis) making it suitable for thermal power plants

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Subjects: Methane Emission and Degasification
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