Pranita, Ms. and Ahmad, I. and Sahay, N. (2010) Laboratory studies on air Permeability to find suitability of fly ash and over burden materials for filling of voids in fire affected mine. Journal of Mines, Metals & Fuels, 58 (1&2). pp. 24-26. ISSN 0022-2755

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Coal mine fire is a major threat from safety and economic point of view. It poses danger to safety of human life, land subsidence and environment problems. Surface blanketing by incombustible material is required to control long standing and extensive surface fires. Scarcity of suitable soil for blanketing the cracks and filling of voids, have generated need to search for alternative filling material. Overburden (OB) of opencast projects alone may not serve the purpose due to existence of passage of air path and carbonaceous shale present in it. Utilization of fly ash in combination with suitable proportion of OB, may be a viable alternative to soil for filling and blanketing in fire affected areas. Thus it may be a major thrust area for research. Studies were conducted in the laboratory using a specially designed set up to study the efficacy of fly ash in different combinations with OB as a filling material. The paper discuses, the set up used for the study, experimental procedure and results of investigation. The experimental results indicated that the air leakage characteristics through OB and fly ash packing individually or in combination vary significantly. Further the air leakage reate also increases on drying of the mixture.

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Subjects: Mine Ventilation
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