Chaulya, Swades Kumar and Banerjee , Gautam (2021) A proposed data acquisition system and algorithm for signal processing of moving-coil geophone’s output. SN Applied Sciences.

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The study of different types of vibrational and seismic movements is important for exploration in strata monitoring, machine health monitoring, earthquake detection, etc. In order to study these vibrational movements, it needs to be acquired first for analysis. Data acquisition using the seismic sensors is a challenging task. This paper presents a data acquisition system developed to acquire seismic signals from a moving-coil geophone. The paper also discusses a signal interpretation algorithm that is devised to perform automatic detection of a seismic event occurrence by separating through the waveform and non-waveform components in the sensor’s output using Gaussian naive Bayes classifier and Kernel density estimation technique. The proposed method is effective in the identification of a useful signal and identification of its nature of origin. Accuracy of the algorithm was 99% for the waveform classification. Sensitivity of the data acquisition system for the seismic sensors was 1.589 µm s–1. Further, the developed data acquisition system and the algorithm can be used in mines for seismological studies aimed at separating the vibration signal generated due to explosion and the one caused due to Earth’s tectonic and seismic activities.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Moving-coil geophone Data acquisition Gaussian naive Bayes classifier Kernel density estimation
Subjects: Instrumentation
Depositing User: Mr. B. R. Panduranga
Date Deposited: 14 Jun 2021 10:49
Last Modified: 14 Jun 2021 10:49

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