Saurabh, Kunal and Chaulya, S. K. and Singh, R.S. and Kumar, Sunil and Mishra, K. K. (2020) Intelligent dry fog dust suppression system: an efficient technique for controlling air pollution in the mineral processing plant. Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy.

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Dust suppression system plays a significant role in mining and allied industries. It has become an integral part of the environmental management system. Dust emission from mining and mineral processing industries poses environmental and health problems to workers and surrounding people. Dust creates a reliability issue in machinery and ventilation systems, causing infrastructural damage and the industry’s financial losses. This paper deals with a smart dry fog dust suppression system which has been developed for effectively controlling dust emission from mining and mineral processing activities. The system has been implemented in an iron ore crushing and screening plant in India, and its efficacy has been evaluated for controlling dust emission. The installed dry fog system reduced dust concentration to 0.10–0.17 mg m−3 from the prevailing dust concentration of 0.62–1.73 mg m−3 in work zone areas, which was much below the permissible limit below 1 mg m−3 where silica content in the dust was less than 5%. Percentage of free silica in the work zone dust reduced to traces from 3.61 to 4.80%. Similarly, PM10 and PM2.5 concentrations in the ambient air were decreased to 90–99 μg m−3 and 49–58 μg m−3 from 185 to 250 μg m−3 and 148–200 μg m−3, respectively. Further, concentrations of PM10 and PM2.5 were drastically reduced by 51.35–60.4% and 69.69–71.0%, respectively. The reduced dust concentrations in the ambient air were within the prescribed limit of PM10 (100 μg m−3) and PM2.5 (60 μg m−3). The system significantly reduces dust and free silica concentration in the work zone areas below the permissible limit. The system controls dust emission with an increase in production as it has been found that the number of nozzles is directly correlated with a reduction in dust. Furthermore, the system does not change the raw material’s mass as water added to dust is less than 0.01% of the raw material. The system is designed to give the best results within the closed environment of the plant. The system helps in eco-friendly and clean mining. The system reduces the breakdown and maintenance cost of mining equipment, thereby decreasing overall operating costs. Further, the system minimizes mine workers’ health problems, like silicosis and severe other occupation diseases. The system is automatic, cost-effective, energy efficient, and easy to maintain. Further, the system is capable of handling dust problems in the closed environment of crushing and screening plants. These properties make the system techno-economically feasible for installation in mineral processing plants.

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