Singh, Ashok K. and Masto, R.E. and Hazra, Bodhisatwa and Esterle, Joan and Singh, Pradeep K. (2020) Utilization of Coal and Biomass Ash. In: Ash from Coal and Biomass Combustion. Springer, Switzerland, pp. 37-89. ISBN 978-3-030-56980-8

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Sustainable utilization of the ash generated from the combustion of coal or biomass is a big challenge for the power industry. Huge quantities of ash are generated and, in general, they are disposed-off in ash ponds. However, recent regulatory requirements demand 100% utilization of ash. So many new areas of ash utilization are being explored by the researchers and ash managers. Bulk utilization sectors are cement industry, construction, bricks, landfill, mine back filling, and soil amendment for growing plants. Efforts to enhance the use in value-added low-volume sectors like fertilizer, cenosphere, catalyst support, zeolites, aerogels, and so on are continuously evolving. The heterogeneity of the ash properties is one of the main challenges for advocating a generalized utilization pattern of the ash. Biomass has some typical properties that limit its use for some sectors. However, beneficiation of both coal and biomass ash and use of other additives could improve the suitability of the ashes to multifarious uses.

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