हिमांशु , विवेक कु. and यादव , रमा शंकर and रॉय, मुरारी प्र. and पासवान, रंजित कु. and सोमलियाना, सी. and सिंह , प्रदीप कु. (2020) धात्विक अयस्क के भूमिगत उत्खनन में हाल की तकनीकियों में प्रगति. Minetech, 41 (2). pp. 45-54. ISSN 0970-7204

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Faster excavation of the mineral deposits from underground means is the need of the hour to meet the increasing mineral demands of the country, this has been achieved in several Indian underground mines to exploit the mineral deposits by significant advancements in planning and execution of the technologies. The advancements in development face and production blasting techniques is a part of this whole operational changes. The advancements in the face blasting techniques have lead to pull increment with deeper hole drilling using jumbo drills as well as reduction of overbreak from the final line of extraction. The production blasting with large consumption of explosives has also been developed in the recent days. The issues of vibration control near surface and underground structures, hole collapsing for deeper hole drilling and problems with discontinuous strata having shear zones were dealt using the recent analytical methods. Following paper have dealt with some of the advancements in drilling & blasting operation for face blasting and production blasting. The advancements in scientific approach to cope up with the challenges from the large scale excavations have also been dealt in the paper

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Stoping, Face Blasting. Ring Blasting, Up-Hole Charging, Numerical Modelling
Subjects: Blasting
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Date Deposited: 18 Sep 2020 09:13
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