Gopinathan, P. (2020) Color slices analysis of land use changes due to urbanization in a city environment of Miami Area, South Florida, USA. Modeling Earth Systems and Environment .

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Land use maps are widely using all over the world for monitoring the usage of lands over a while when urbanization booms. The urban development of the city environment parallelly involves the quick change of landcover in a short time. This work aims to review the land cover changes in Miami which areone of a highly urbanized county in the USA in the twentieth century. The color patterns of land use maps were reviewed with a uniform temporal rate (5 years once) from 2001 to 2016. Based on the color code of the image, land use maps were visually interpreted and it was extended to the Statistical analysis. Unique formulas are derived from the linear statistical model for the changing rate of the land use type in 15 years. Urban built-up gave expeditious increment in land use (9.5%). In the meantime, agricultural land (5.97%) and water (4.21%) decreased at a rapid rate. At the end of the study, the regression model projects the land use change in the year 2021 in Miami Dade County. This study distinctly exhibits how urbanization affects the vegetation cover, water areas, and wetlands, in which land use classes playing a vital role in the ecosystem. This experiment gives a basic understanding of Miami Dade county development and its environmental impact.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Land use · Land cover · Urban changes · Miami · Florida
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