Roy, Murari Prasad and Singh, Pradeep Kumar (2020) Blast vibration dependence on total explosives weight in open-pit blasting. Arabian Journal of Geosciences. ISSN 1866-7511

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It is well established that the blast design parameters, namely explosives weight per delay, distance between the blast site and monitoring location, delay interval, total explosives detonated in a blasting round, velocity of detonation (VOD) of explosives, burden, spacing, explosive column length, top stemming length, number of decks and their length, transmitting media and its geology, and scattering in the delay time of detonators, influence blast-induced vibrations. A study was conducted to assess the effect of total weight of explosive detonated in the blast in ground on the magnitude of blast vibrations at four big coal open-cast mines in India keeping all the parameters constant as stated above. Accordingly, experimental as well as production blasts were conducted at drag line and shovel benches. The results revealed that the magnitude of blast vibrations was influenced by the total amount of explosive detonated in a blast in ground at shorter distances regardless of maximum explosives weight per delay. This paper describes the result of a study carried out to investigate these effects at open-cast projects in India. The study involved 60 blasts with varying blast designs and 498 vibration data were recorded.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Blast vibration .Total weight of explosives .Explosives weight per delay .Scaled distance .Zone of influence
Subjects: Blasting
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Date Deposited: 25 Jun 2020 07:31
Last Modified: 07 Jul 2020 04:09

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