Chaulya, S.K and Prasad, G.M. and Singh, Ajay Kumar (2020) Underground coal gasification techniques for different geo-mining conditions. International Journal of Oil Gas and Coal Technology, 23 (2). pp. 199-217. ISSN 1753-3309

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Underground coal gasification (UCG) technique provides facilities for converting underground coal into synthetic gas by remote ignition and injecting steam as well as air into the coal seam. This product, which is also known as syngas, is a mixture of combustible gases like carbon monoxide, hydrogen and methane; and non-combustible gases like carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water vapour. This syngas is utilised for generation of emission-free power, ultra-clean diesel and manufacture of ammonia, fertiliser and other various valuable chemical products. The UCG technique is not only cost-effective but also environment friendly. This technique can also be employed for recovering coal from areas where conventional mining is either difficult or uneconomical. Due to this remarkable feature, UCG technique is going to play a greater role in coming years with the depletion of easy exploitable coal day by day

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Uncontrolled Keywords: underground coal gasification; UCG; shaft; shaftless; linked vertical well; LVW; controlled retractable injection point; CRIP; single well integrated flow tubing; SWIFT
Subjects: Instrumentation
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