Varma, N. K. and Sahay, N. and Ahmad, I. and Sinha, A. (2009) Significance of ventilation system design on fire with special reference to extensive and fire affected mine. Journal of Mines, Metals & Fuels, 57 (11). pp. 413-417. ISSN 0022-2755

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In a coal mine when sealed off area having connection with atmosphere (surface) and intake airways only the condition becomes more worsen when active fire in such sealed off area creates sufficient drought due to fire. In such situation sometimes pressure created by the fan may not be sufficient to neutralize such suction pressure created by the fire. In this case continuous feeding of fresh air to the fire takes place through cracks and fissures and weak zones around the boundary, which guides the fire to propagate in mines. Continuation of such phenomena for longer period may lead to loss of huge property as well as the mine itself. The control the leakage of air under such situation some modification in ventilation system is definitely required. In this paper the ventilation arrangement to neutralize the drought created by the fire in one of the mine of BCCL without affecting the ventilation of other part of the mine followed by thorough monitoring of status of fire have been discussed.

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Subjects: Mine Ventilation
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