Kumar, Niraj and Paul, Avinash and Singh, Ajoy Kumar (2007) Economical Aspect of Resin Bolting in Comparison to Cement Grouted Roof Bolts in Indian Coal Mines. Mining Engineers Journal , 9 (3). pp. 13-19. ISSN 0975-3001

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In Indian coal mines, resin bolting as a system of roof support is being used in a pick and choose basis to a particular situation containing complex geo-mining and geological condition. The mandatory and popular means of roof support in roadway and galleries/splits junctions of Indian underground coal mines working by bord-and-pillar or gate roads of conventional longwall mining is inorganic cement grouted roof bolt. The cement grouted roof bolting is well accepted for its cost effectiveness and for easy manual installation. But the changing prospective of mechanization which is aimed for speedy mining and at difficult geotechnical environment at great depth under high stress condition, the present practice of roof bolting is in question for its overall efficacy. The techno-economical study of these two systems of roof support in underground coal mining i.e., resin and cement grouted roof bolt, have revealed that the former system is superior in sense of technical prowess and only alternative left for mechanization. However time and again, trial was made with Portland and gypsum-base inorganic cement having similar strength and quick set properties as of resin grouting medium at lower cost but still it is in voyage of development. Resin grouted roof bolts, since its inception in the 1960s, has evolved into an accepted practice among largest coal producing countries of world but in contrast to the Indian coal mining, it is still in infancy due to the myth of high support coast in per ton coal production and lack of interest to adopt fully. From decades India continue to maintain third rank worldwide in production of coal and in this regard it is of larger interest to shift from low resistance to high strength quick set system as the mining is being shifted into deeper horizon facing high in-situ horizontal stresses. Also it is a need of mechanization to have a competent quick support i.e., resin bolting to bring down the support cost pacing with fast exploitation by using a complete package of roof bolting system for its optimum gain. Recently, in a few coal mines, resin bolting is being introduced in place of cement grouted bolts and the results are quite heartening in terms of safety and productivity.

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