Hazra, Bodhisatwa (2019) Significance of lithotypes for hydrocarbon generation and storage. Fuel, 235. pp. 396-405. ISSN 0016-2361

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This paper examines the hydrocarbon generation and storage potential of lithotypes, macerals, kerogen type relative to thermal maturity. To investigate authors had collected lithotype (vitrain, durain and fusain) samples from the high volatile sub-bituminous coal of Barjora area, SE of Raniganj coal basin, India. Relevant analyses viz. Rock Eval pyrolysis (REP), total organic carbon (TOC), micropetrography, vitrinite reflectance (Romv) and Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometry (FTIR) were carried. The geochemical analysis indicates that the studied lithotypes have excellent potentiality of generating hydrocarbon in respect of TOC and S2 (under Rock-Eval pyrolysis) and it increases from vitrain to durain to fusain. Also, the free hydrocarbons which was recorded under S1 curve of Rock Eval pyrolysis, was observed to be highest within the fusain lithotype (21.73 mg HC/g rock). Further, the thermal maturity (Tmax: 418–423 °C) and mean vitrinite reflectance (Romv: 0.42–0.56%) indicate the samples are immature in nature. However, ↑Vt60 (vitrinite grains having a reflectance greater than 0.60%), indicates that thermogenic gas generation was occurring to some degree in almost all the samples. Moreover, comparison between geochemical and petrographical analysis it has been inferred that storing capability of hydrocarbons also increases from vitrain to durain to fusain. The higher capability of hydrocarbons within the fusain (in comparison to durain and vitrain) may be due to presence of large amount of fusinite and semifusinite macerals. The production index (PI) also shows similar trend with increasing S1 value. The FTIR study demonstrates that the fusain has higher intensity of aliphaticity than that of vitrain and durain. The higher intensity of aliphaticity in the fusain may be due to presence of considerable amount of bituminite and other liptinites within the cavities/cell lumens. All the observation suggests that fusain has the highest hydrocarbon generation and storage potentiality, whereas durain has less and vitrain has least generation potentiality in comparison to fusain.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Lithotypes Macerals Hydrocarbon generation Rock Eval pyrolysis Vitrinite reflectance FTIR
Subjects: Coal Preparation
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