Masto, R.E. and George, Joshy and Rout, T.K. and Ram, L.C. (2017) Multi Element exposure risk from soil and dust in a coal industrial area. Journal of Geochemical Exploration, 176. pp. 100-107. ISSN 0375-6742

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Coal mining and processing have profound environmental concerns, where large quantities of mine spoil and dust particles are generated. Potentially toxic elements dispersed in the dust and soils in coal mining ecosystem may have adverse health impacts to the nearby inhabitants. Dust and soil samples collected from Jharia coal mining area, India were analysed for As, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu Ni, Pb, V, and Zn. With respect to crustal abundance, As, Cd, and Pb were enriched in the soil, whereas Pb, and As were enriched in the dust. The geo-accumulation index (Igeo) was < 0 for most of the elements, except for Zn (Igeo 1.07), and Pb (Igeo 0.9). Pollution load index was higher for soil (1.3) than dust (1.2), and both were categorized as moderately polluted. Exposure risk assessment showed that, ingestion is the main route of exposure to potentially toxic elements present in soil/dust followed by dermal exposure. Exposure risk was higher for child than adult. Though the hazard index (HI) was < 1.0 for all the elements, the contents of Cr, As, Pb, and V were close to the permissible exposure limits. The carcinogenic risks associated with As, Cd, Co, Cr, and Ni were also less than the permissible limits.

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