Singh, K. B. (2000) Causes and remedial measures of pot-hole subsidence due to coal mining. Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research , 59 (4). pp. 280-285. ISSN 0022-4456

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This paper discusses different causes remedial measures of pot-hole subsidence due to underground coal mining. Pot-hole subsidence is an abrupt local surface depression due to sudden collapse of overburden into the void created following the extraction of coal. This can be hazardous to life and property as it occurs without any prior indication. Shallow depth of coal extraction, weak overburden, and geological discontinuities are the main causative factors. Rainfall, removal of hydrostatic support, and earthquake aggravate the occurrence of pot-hole subsidence. Pot-holes subsidence can be controlled to some extent by using proper design of support and construction of walls to create a barrier around an area prone to pot-hole subsidence in board and pillar development. Back-filling and grouting can be used to stabilise unapproachable underground abandoned work

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Subjects: Mine Subsidence
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