Roy, M.P. and Singh, P.K. (2016) Damage to surface structures due to blasting - a new criteria. Journal of Mines, Metals & Fuels, 64 (9). pp. 375-385. ISSN 0022-2755

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This paper describes effect of blast pro0duced ground vibration on damage potential to residential structures to determine safe levels of ground vibration for the residential structures and other buildings in mining areas. Impact of 341 blasts detonated at two mines were monitored at the test structures and 1871 blast vibrations signatures were recorded on or near the test structures. Cosmetic cracks in a native brick-mud-cement house were detected at peak particle velocities (PPV between 51.6 and 56.3 mm/s. The reinforced concrete and cement mortar (RCC) Structure experienced cosmetic cracks at PPV’s of 68.6 to 71.3 mm/s at the first floor, whereas at second floor it was detected at PPV levels of 71.2 to 72.2 mm/s. Minor damage in brick –mud-cement house was recorded at PPV levels of 81.0 to 89.7 mm/s. The RCC structure at first and second floors experienced minor damage at PPV levels of 104 mm/s and 98.3-118 mm/s respectively. The brick-mud-cement house experienced major damage at PPV level of 99.6 to 113.0 mm/s, while major damage was recorded in RCC structure on first floor at PPV of 122 mm/s, the second floor at PPV levels of 128.9-161 mm/s. Recommended threshold limits of vibrations for the different type of structures is based on these measurements and observations.

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