Singh, J.K. and Ajit , Kumar (2016) Recent Advancements in Mine Slope Monitoring Technology Vis-a-Vis Their Effective Application in Indian Surface Mines. Indian Mining & Engineering Journal , 55 (6). pp. 20-27. ISSN 0019-5944

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Surface mines are going deeper and deeper with the passage of time. The maximum stripping ratio being planned is up to 1:15 with a depth of about 500 m[1]. With such deep and large mines ensuring safety of mine slope is a great challenge. Slope design engineer designs the slope angle of mine with available of generated scanty data regarding soil and rock mass, scantily surveyed geological data, hydrological data etc. But it must be very clear to everyone that the design of a slope in rock mass can never be said to be perfect. Rock mass contains so much variability in their engineering properties, variability in geological and weathering conditions and may unknown geological conditions which are hidden inside the rock mass. Hence design of a slope does not fully ensure that the mine operating at designed slope will remain safe. Slope movement behavior, obtained through monitoring data, on the other hand provides a real confidence to the mine operators in the process of ensuring the safety of slope. Ground movement behavior of the mine wall is a real function of known as well as unknown geological features, hydrological conditions, heterogeneity of rock mass and all other parameters affecting the stability of the surface mines. Hence the precise data obtained from a well-planned, well-Executed, and Well-Analysed Monitoring project could provide lifeline and much more confidence to mine management in the process of running the mine safely and economically. One can also plan reviewing the slope angle in case of getting negligible slope movement over a few years. This paper discusses the gradual advancements in mine slope monitoring technology globally, and suggests the appropriate implementable and effective technology for Indian Surface Mines for the present decade.

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