Masto, R.E. (2014) Development of mine soil quality index (MSQI) for evaluation ofreclamation success: A chronosequence study. Ecological Engineering, 71. pp. 10-20. ISSN 0925-8574

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Assessment of mine soil quality is the key parameter for evaluation of reclamation success. To investigatethe effect of vegetation on mine soil development and reclamation, chronosequence sites were selected ina large opencast coal project in North Karanpura Area, Central Coalfield Limited (CCL), India. The physico-chemical and biological characteristics of chronosequence sites were compared with reference forest site.Principal component analysis (PCA) was employed to derive a mine soil quality index (MSQI) which wasused for assessing the progress of reclamation. Soil organic carbon, soil CO2flux, dehydrogenase activity,coarse soil fraction, moisture content and base saturation are the most critical properties controllinghealth of reclaimed coal mine soil. The observed values of the above soil indicator parameters wereconverted into a unitless score (0–1.00) and the scores were integrated into MSQI. The MSQI values werevalidated by regression analysis with the plant growth parameters (aerial height, diameter at breast heightand canopy cover). The contribution of each soil indicator parameter on calculated MSQI was analysed,which gives an insight into the cause for the measured MSQI. The calculated MSQI varied from 0.220in 2 years old reclaimed dump to 0.670 in 17 years old reclaimed dump. More the MSQI value better isthe reclamation status of the mine soil. Mine soil with MSQI > 0.500 may be considered as ecologicallysustainable or reclamation is satisfactory. Age of reclamation has been found to have a significant effecton the nutritional and microbial properties of the mine soils. Progressive build up of adequate nutrientpool in 17 year site may be sufficient for ecosystem maintenance in this region

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