Sarkar, G.G. and Chakravarti, A.K. and Basu, D. (1960) Possibilities of Preparing Low-ash Coals for Special Uses. Journal of Mines, Metals & Fuels, 8 (7). pp. 79-87. ISSN 0022-2755

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With an all-round development of various industrial projects in India, the demand for low ash coke having about 10-12% ash is steadily rising. Thus, to cope up with the projected production of calcium carbide and also for the preparation of Soderberg paste abo0ut 41000 tons of 6-7% ash coal is likely to be required per year, thus resulting in a saving of about five crores of rupees in foreign exchange. With the rapid growth of chemical and electro-chemical industries, the demand for the low ash coal will be even higher. Coal of such specified quality can only be obtained by washing selected seams and/or size fraction of raw coal. But the economics of this process depend to a large extent on the right selection of raw coal and on the proper choice of washing scheme, suitable for the particular type of raw coal available for washing. The present investigations, as carried out with coking and semi-cocking coals from a number of sources, indicate that there are good possibilities of preparing such low ash coals in India on a commercial scale, it is important, how-ever, that in order to satisfy all the specifications of ash coals (i.e., low phosphorous and sulphur contents, as required for some specific uses), the sources for the supply of raw coal may have to be limited to a few collieries and/or seams only. In the present study, the cleaning possibilities of coal, as evaluated by laboratory float and sink results, have been corroborated by actual plant trials on semi-pilot scales.

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