Basu, D. and Sarkar, G.G. and Lahiri, A. (1960) Correlation of Washability Characteristics of Barakar Measure Coals, and the Application of the Correlation Factors for Quality control in Commercial Washing. Journal of Mines, Metals & Fuels, 8 (6). pp. 1-7. ISSN 0022-2755

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Coal seams are usually correlated on the basis of their physical, chemical and/or petrological properties, the characteristics of the associated strata and the sequence and vertical interval between the seams. Form a study of the numerous washability data of the different coal seams in Barakar measures of the Jharia coalfield, it is possible to define the washability characteristics of these seams by a suitable index and obtainsome correlation factors which are more or less specific for each individual seams within certain limits of accuracy. These factors can serve as useful gudiee for a reasonably accurate predication of the day-to-day recovery of clean coal in a central washery (treating coals of mixed seams). The knowledge of the average specific gravity of cut for the various seams and the average amount of near gravity materials can be employed, with considerable advantage, for regulating the quality of the clean products.

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