Bagchi, D. and Bagchi, S. and Mallik, P.C. and Lahiri, A. (1967) Reserve of Coking Coal and Potentials of Production in Jharia Coal-field During the Fourth Plan. Journal of Mines, Metals & Fuels, 15 (12). pp. 370-372. ISSN 0022-2755

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The paper deals with some problems relating to the output of metallurgical coal in Jharia coalfield, with reference to its resource position. Of the total raw coal requirement of about 40 m.t. for iron and steel industries, projected during 4th plan, at least 50% of it has to be obtained form jharia field alone. The existing total output including blendable coals is around 17 m.t. of which only about 11 m.t. may be considered straight coking with or without beneficiation. The existing way of coal output does not appear to fulfil the target demand and hence a thorough reconstruction and reorientation in mining plan has been proposed. From the existing knowledge and experience of the quality and coke making properties of coals, a tentative subdivision into different sectors and zones has been proposed and potentialities of each zone/sector has been discussed. From a critical and a comparative study of the three zones, it is revealed that while the upper zone (zone1) contains coals of inferior quality with difficult washing characters, the coals occurring in zone III under Barren Measures, have lost their coke making properties either due to devolatilisation at great depth or for extensive damage by igneous intrusion-thus depleting substantially the reserve of prime coking coal in this field. The zone II or the middle zone, therefore, is the only way out for winning the additional coal required for the iron and steel industry during 4th plan in a reconstructed manner. The total number of collieries in zone II is around 173 and 50% of the insitu reserve which is about 8000m. tones 5000 m.t. in seams IX and above) is under jurisdiction of only (8) big concerns. Under these circumstances, the following steps have been suggested to be taken to meet the additional requirement of coking coal by 1970-71; without going ahead with the virgin areas in zone III with uncertainty in coal properties and involving difficult mining operations. (1) Modernisation and Mechanisation of Mines. (2) Reducing number of faces. (3) Higher recovery percentage. (4) Reducing number of haulages.

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