Basu, T.K. and Mukherjee, M.M. and Shrikhande , K.Y. and Moitra, A.K. (1967) On Some Aspects of Heat Transfer in a Continuous Vertical Retort for the Production of Smokeless Fuel. Journal of Mines, Metals & Fuels, 15 (8). pp. 229-232. ISSN 0022-2755

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Some aspects of heat transfer in the F.F.R.I. narrow continuous vertical retorts have been dealt with in this paper. The down moving charge in the continuous vertical retort receives heat from the combustion chamber on both the sides in the following three manners: (i) transfer of heat from the flame and the hot products of combustion to the retort walls mostly by radiation, (ii) transmission of heat through the retort walls mostly by conduction, and (iii) flow of heat from the hot inner face of retort walls to the charge mostly by convection. The heat received by the charge in the first two ways have been computed. The influence of the operating variables and other associated factors on the thermal performance of the retort have also been discussed in the article. The mechanism of heat transfer from the inner face of retort walls to the charge is rather complicated as the process is continuous, the movements of the charge and steam/gas are counter-current and the physical state inside the retort is not in equilibrium. The heat transfer in this way has not been worked out but studies for the same have been initiated

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