Mukherjee, K.P. and Samanta, S. and Singh, B. (1971) Strata Control Observation at a Longwall Face in the Jharia Coalfield. Journal of Mines, Metals & Fuels, 19 (4). pp. 103-111. ISSN 0022-2755

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This paper deals with the first systematic scientific investigation on strata control undertaken by the Central Mining Research Station in a hydraulically stowed longwall coal face using timber supports in a colliery in the Jharia Coalfield. It deals with the observation in the top section of the first panel only. The observations included (i) Convergence measurement at the face, ahead of the face and behing the face, (ii) load measurement at the coal face, and (iii) influence of the coal cutting operation on the face convergence. The instruments used included S.M.R.E., convergence recorders, Dowty Dynamometer props fitted with Bristol’s recorder, and dial gauge convergence indicator. Facts of practical importance arrived at from the observations are (i) dip side convergence was more compared to the rise side and mid face convergence, (ii) maximum convergence was noticed during the time of cutting and blasting, (iii) occurrence of periodic convergences was noticed in the dip, middle and rise side of the face, (iv) increase of convergence was also noticed during the idle period, (v) a linear relationship between the load and the convergence was noticed, (vi) first movement in the gate road in advance of face was noticed up to a distance of about 16 m, (vii) a sharp increase in convergence was noticed between 2 m and 6 m ahead of the face in the gate roadway, and (viii) the convergence in the gate road behind the face was found to increase uniformly as the face advanced.

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