Mandal, S.K and Singh, M.M. (2009) Mathematical model to understand impact of velocity of detonation on vibration magnitude. Journal of Mines, Metals & Fuels, 57 (7). pp. 178-182. ISSN 0022-2755

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Drilling and blasting is accepted a s the cheapest and most suitable method for excavation of rock. The social-eco environmental constrains and increasing trend of population growth around excavation works enforces the blasting personnel to comply with high risk during implementation of blasting activities in populated areas. In addition to flying of basted fragments, if any ground vibration and inaudible ( AOP) and audible noise heard during blasting intensifies the human response and recon for safe blasting practice for safety of inhabitants and structures around the excavation works. In addition to charge per delay, velocity of detonation (VOD) of explosive also quantifies magnitude of vibration at any distance concern. Considering VOD of explosive as on e of the parameter to influence magnitude of vibration, the paper puts forward a mathematical model to illustrate the significant role it plays in quantifying magnitude of vibrations at any distance of concern. To understand the influence of explosive diameter and ballast hole diameter for bulk loading on vibration magnitude, the paper puts forward a mathematical model to illustrate the same.

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Subjects: Blasting
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