Das, M.N. (1986) Influence of width/height ratio on post-failure behaviour of coal. International Journal of Mining and Geological Engineering , 46 (1). pp. 79-87.

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The post-failure slope immediately after strength failure decreases on the negative side with the increase inw/h ratio. Atw/h equal to around 10 or 11 this slope becomes almost zero and then again the slope increases but on the positive side with further increase inw/h ratio. At loww/h ratios, the post-failure characteristic touches the abscissa ultimately. Forw/h greater than 4 or 6 after an initial fall, the broken mass starts reconsolidation on further loading due to high lateral constraints provided at the centre and the curve starts rising again. Forw/h ratios greater than 10 or 11, there is no loss in the post-failure strength.

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