Chaira, B.B. and Sinha, J.K. (1986) Mass-Size Distibution of Dust Produced in Mines by Drilling and Cutter-Loader Machines. Indian Journal of Environmental Protection, 6 (4). pp. 240-243. ISSN 0253-7141

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Mining industry, basically involves, breaking of rocks and grinding them. This produces fragments of different sizes including submicronic particles. From the wide spectrum of dust, the particles less than 7.1 μ of UDS, are called respirable dust of they are responsible for causing lung diseases after continuous inhalation. In this paper it has been shown that during drilling n coal mines, about 28 gm of dust of – 6.5 μ size is produced/m of hole drilled of dia about 45 mm and by continuous miners, such as shearer cutter, road header and dint header the production of fines of the above size ranges were 290, 570, and 330 gm respectively/tonne of coal mined. In iron ore mines, about 1.46 kg of – 4.3 μ was produced/ m of hole drilled of dia 250 mm and in copper ore mine about 98.7 gm of – 5.3 μ was produced/m of hole drilled of dia 33 mm.

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