Singh, P.K. and Roy, M.P. (2005) Influence of Explosives Column Length on Blast Induced Vibrations. Coal International, 253 (6). pp. 228-232. ISSN 1357-6941

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The charge length of explosives plays a vital role in generation of vibrations. To investigate the impact of an explosive column length on a blast vibration, a study was conducted at two coal mines in India. The blasthole depths varied from 7.5 to 42 m and the explosive columns ranged from a length of 2m to 35 m, depending upon the depth of holes. The explosives loaded into the blastholes ranged between 100 kg. and 3, 100 kg. There were 81 blasts conducted in total and 484 results were recorded for vibration data. The result of the field experiments revealed that the increase of the charge length in blastholes, increased the vibrations for identical scaled distances.

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